See what i do

See what i do

See what i do

Presenting my creation, along with the inspiring vision behind its inception.

Dynamic Artistry with Breuninger

ArtbyRaff and Breuninger create unforgettable live painting and fashion collaboration.

Melia - A Night of Art and Celebration

Live painting, fashion design, rooftop opening, and afterparty at Melia.

FAB L’Style X ArtbyRaff

Live painting event celebrating creativity and community with FABL Style.

Brick-Series 202IV by ArtbyRaff

Brick-Series202IV" merges Bricks with art, showcasing Artbyraff's innovative use of mixed media and custom frames.

Ramien Bar X ArtbyRaff

Crafted an exclusive custom art piece for Ramien Bar, tailor-made to embody their unique vibe. It's not just art; it's a conversation.

The Donut Corner X ArtbyRaff

I recently teamed up with The Donut Corner for an exciting collaborative project. Together, we envisioned and brought to life a stunning wall art masterpiece, combining creative flair and a unique touch.

laFraschetta X ArtbyRaff

In a recent collaboration, I joined forces with La Fraschetta, a renowned Italian restaurant in Vienna, located at Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Platz 4B, 1010 Wien. The project involved transforming the restaurant's outdoor wall into a vibrant, freestyle mural.

Neuzehn X ArtbyRaff

I'm thrilled to delve into another fascinating chapter of my artistic journey, a collaboration that speaks volumes about style and elegance. I had the distinct pleasure of partnering with Neuzehn Lounge Bar, a space known for its chic ambience and sophisticated clientele.

Volksgarden Live Painting

Live Painting Show at Volkgarden in Vienna by Raffaello Djordjevic

Maldives Alanya X ArtbyRaff

In 2023, I undertook a captivating artistic project at Alanya Restaurant and Bar in the Maldives, an endeavor that spanned two weeks. This assignment was more than just painting; it was an immersive journey, drawing inspiration from the Maldives' stunning natural beauty.

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